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How it all began

The nursery was born as a collection in Agro Pontino (Latina), a land notoriously marshy, before the land draining process.

It is there, in the canals, rivers, ditches of the Land Reclamation, that the collection of the first plants (the Alba water lily, today almost disappeared, the Nuphar, the hydrocaris morsus ranae, the rushes, the carex, the iris pseudacorus, and all the plants that gradually enrich the collection.

From the autochthonous plants, we pass to the tropical ones, the Louisiana irises, the ensata, the sibirica and the lotus flowers.

The scarce existing bibliography is supplemented by the great work of experimentation and acclimatization, contacts abroad and trips to study and see the plants on the spot do the rest: the collection is a national reality.

Tv shows such as Geo-geo, magazines like Gardenia and national newspaper La Repubblica, are among the media which have shown interest in our work. The second generation, passes from passion to the company.

It reorganizes, systematizes and enlarges the spaces, triples the already important dimensions of the nursery, and starts the production of large numbers of plants, irises, water lilies, lotus flowers, marsh plants, succeeding in every period of the year to provide large numbers of plants. Water Nursery, can satisfy anybody: the collector looking for the rare plant, the wholesaler, the ornamental or Phyto-purification, bio pools and/or renaturation.

Water Nursery, has participated in several projects with universities and research institutions. Water Nursery has made its active contribution to the project “life+rewetland”, winner of some European awards, and appears frequently in various media and national newspapers in the sector and elsewhere.

The staff carries out consulting, supplies plants and maintenance on both small and large Phyto-purification plants, biolakes, ornamental fountains.

The company participates in the most important national market exhibitions where it has won several awards.

The passion and research, the sustainability and the green, continue to be the philosophy and the guideline of the company, whose processing tends to organic (weeding is done manually, and the use of chemical fertilizers and strongly reduced), as well as the use of natural competitors for example in the fight against mosquitoes with mosquitoes and medaka.

Currently about 1500 different plants in different sizes are cultivated in the nursery and several projects are underway.

Who we are

Water Nursery is a nursery specialized in aquatic and marsh plants, water lilies, lotus flowers, irises in particular and everything that revolves around the aquatic world, ornamental fountains, ponds, Phyto-purification, bio-pools, renaturalisation, wholesale and retail supply of plants.

Currently, in terms of extension, number of cultivated species and quantity, it ranks at the top of the Italian and European industry.

So much research, experimentation, collaboration with institutions to find new and old plants, before proposing them to the public.

At the moment, the company is in its second generation, although the passion and knowledge are starting uninterruptedly from further away.

By your side

Professionals and equipment at your disposal for the maintenance of your aquatic space regardless of the size.

Water Nursery, is able, throughout Italy, to take care and optimize your aquatic space, whether it is a bowl or a bio lake, or a large Phyto-purification plant.

Our work

After many years in which this passion has remained accessible to a few friends/collaborators and the numerous requests have convinced us to make visible and usable the collection of aquatic and marsh plants, collected over 2 generations.

Starting from a family passion, we started cataloging and ordering the multitude of plants, many of them without name and classification.

The collection is currently one of the most important in Italy in the sector.

Our knowledge at your service

We are experts in phytodepuration

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